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Originally posted by ckolsen:
I don't have a clue why people would buy the 330Xi, what do you need AWD for anyway? You still need snow tires if it's for winter, and a BMW doesn't have enough clearance for deep snow anyway, nor an Audi. Nobody has trouble in the rain with RWD or FWD, so basically the AWD is a waste of weight and money. Nobody buys it in Europe, most Audis are FWD in Europe as well. If you want a winter car, get a subaru. If you want performance, get RWD, or an S4, which has enough power to take advantage of AWD for performance.

Originally posted by DarkzIS300:
[qb]First off, has anyone ever SEEN a BMW 330xi, not a normal 330i, but an xi. My friend is debating between a 330xi (if its even available?) and a C320. Also, has anyone ever raced either of these 2 cars? The C320 seems good competition.

Dude, do u know what you are talking about??AWD a waist of weight and money? You obviously don't know much about cars and performance. For your information, AWD helps a GREAT deal in adverse weather conditions, simply because there is more traction. SImple math.....BTW performance wise, It's the driver that makes the car shine. I've seen FWD, RWD and AWD all take home trophies from the likes of British touring car and Japanese touring car.BTW if you suggest a Subaru for winter driving then you have just shot urself in the foot as Subarus are AWD......
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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