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  • Rfisk ·
    why are you so hostile. You are very confrontational.
    It is my only care with AC. I'm really am just trying to get an idea of what the market value is for this thing and sell it in the fall

    I took my two statements off the post but since you quoted the originally text I can not remove them completely. Also try and find a way not to be a troll in the future. A simple private message to a newbie about forum rules could have been a better approach. or flag my post so and admin can address.

    give people the benefit of the doubt. find the good in people instead of judging everyone mistakes.

    have a good day.
    j01is300 ·
    Was not able to find the owners manual on here. Plus I am new here and unfamiliar with the site. I dont want to buy a manual and it not be in there. Can you find the tread? Appreciate the help.
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