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I finally got my solar yellow is300
. My first impressions (relative to my old honda accord and celica)

Wow the steering is SUPER precise turn it a little and it moves. Steering also very heavy. Alot heavier then the accord and the celicas GTS(which was very light). No opinion yet ill have to take some of my favorite corners at speed.

Very notchy and forgiving. Its not to high im my opinion at all prefect height with the arm rest. No one mentioned this but it is tilted towards the driver
. If you drive a straight up 5 speed youll find 4th feels like second. Not a complaint just interesting. Oh i didnt hear any knocking when driving(BUT maybe my shifting is a little different)
I reserve opinions on that until i break it in, seems good though.FYI i dont heel toe or double clutch, AND I engine brake around corners. IN MHO double clutching is BS. As for heel toeing i do it in my own way.

Stiff much more so then the honda but more then acceptable. Its is a performance car after all.

hmm seems very good so far more later.

Nice, not bmw 330 nice, but nice. A bit to sparse, steering wheel controls would of been nice. As would a trip computer(Am i missing something here?) I like the seats they could go futher back though. Overall the cars is a little bit smaller then I expected.

I never really liked my accords brakes. Is feel very good, more later on that.

There is my 2 cents. I love the car, i cant wait until 1000+ miles

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Congrats man!! I concur with everything you said. Enjoy your new IS as much as I've been enjoying mine!
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