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Hey guys,
My friend/co-worker just totaled his 06 tC with 17k miles, some lady ran a red light and the front end of tC was gone...Good thing is he aiite, no major injury.

Anyway, I'm looking an IS for him, he wants something with light color since the last car was black and brings him bad luck, got hit by others for 4 times and he hopes people can see his car better if he get something bright like white or silver...

So here it comes, DWP or MSM IS300 02~05, 5speed preferred(I know it's rare so it's just a wishful thinking), less than 80k miles, some light mods would be fine. He hopes he can get back around 16k so the price range will be around that number.

I'm located in Irvine, SoCal. Hope to hear from some local people.

Thanks for looking at my ad guys, y'all have a good one. :)
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