Hey there! I haven't been on the forum for long but it's been a great source of information, so thank you to everyone who posts here.

I'm looking for a gen 1 IS300 roughly in the Sacramento or Norcal region to check out. The upper limit of my budget is 8-10k but the better the deal the better.

Would prefer:
Under 150k miles, maybe more if well-maintained
Any color other than silver
No crazy modifications
No salvage title or major accident history

No preference:
Manual vs Auto
Mild mods
Imperfections like dents, minor tears
Interior color

Any advice is also appreciated. I've been told the market is kind of insane at the moment and all the local listings reflect that. I'm in no rush so I can bide my time if that's the smart thing to do.

Thank you for reading, can't wait to join the cult :cool: