I’m looking to buy either a Sport Design or (port installed series 1 or 2) L-Tuned IS300 only.

The Sport Design must:
-be either Thunder Cloud or Alabaster only. I do not want black or GGP.

The L Tuned must:
-have all L-Tuned badges present and all of the original L-Tuned specific parts. This includes grill, wheels, suspension bits, etc.
-be either Black or GGP only. I do not want MSM.

Both cars must:
-have no accident history, a clean title and clean Car Fax.
-be all original with little to no modifications.
-have black interior only. This includes full leather (preferred) or alcantara. Absolutely no tan or white interior.
-have less than 60k miles.
-properly maintained. By now any car should’ve had a timing belt and water pump job done at the very least given the age of the vehicle.
-be in 100% functioning condition. Anything electrical must work.

-car can be either automatic or 5-speed. 5-speed is preferred and will be willing to pay more due to rarity. I do not want a swapped car.
-non sunroof is preferred but will take one with a sunroof.
-LSD is preferred but will settle for a non LSD car.

I have a budget of 20k that’s flexible depending on the vehicle.

I know these cars and know what I want. I don’t need any suggestions on what I should buy instead to save money. I’m also not interested in any other car/package/trim besides what’s listed above.

I don’t have time to scour the internet as much due to work. if you send me a link to a car that matches what I’m looking for and I end up purchasing the vehicle I will give you a $300 finders fee. I want to make a point that I do actively search on the more common websites (eBay, Craigslist, cars.com, etc.) but I also know that sometimes a car can be gone in a matter of hours. I’ll be honest with you and more than willing to give someone the finders fee for helping me out but at the same time you’ll need to trust me if I tell you that I’ve already seen the car that you send to me.

Car needs be located in California, Nevada or Arizona.

Im looking to purchase one ASAP. I’m a very serious and motivated buyer.

Thank you