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Originally posted by Herzog:
Just wondering if it's smart to learn driving a standard transmission on a Lexus?I drove stick before,but not much, I may be a bit rusty... Is it wise to just get the auto?Thanks!
If you want a manual get it, but rent a manual b4 hand to get back into the swing of things... make sure you really want a manual. That being said, DO NOT re-learn on a Lexus, that's just asking for trouble. I once made the mistake of letting a friend learn on a brand new 4Runner... the guy downshifted into 2nd from 3rd w/ out hitting the clutch.
Strangely enough it was the smoothest downshift I've ever seen, not one grind from the tranny. Pure luck, and I know I'll never be that lucky again. Find a civic to beat up on first.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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