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Would you buy an upper control arm from a junk yard?

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I pulled the beast out after 2 months of sitting. I finally got the replacement rim and tired on and decided to take it for an alignment. I notice a horrible squeaking on the passenger side. ends up, the ball joint is bad and I need a UC arm.

List is $291
Buddy at the dealer can give me it for $200

Local junk yard has it for $75.03

What would you do? I don't know what to look for on these pieces, so I'm weary.

Other positive is I can pick it up today, instead of ordering it.
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i think i might have this too, how horrible was the squeek? mine was jsut annoyig, not unbearable, ilubed it up with some lithium grease and it seams to be alright, not to mention the sway bar endlick was damn near glued down so it couldn't move, i i had the squeek down to those two parts.

and aboput the junk yard, if it looks straight and clean, i don't see a problem
I've bought struts, etc. from online salvage yards and never had any problems. Most places are careful not to sell bad parts.
It wasn't too bad, but after we had it up on the lift and set it down its BAD...constantly with any movement or turns...sound like a old junker or something. I couldn't get an alignment because the wheel would shake back and forth..

I just picked up the piece from the dealer today..$200. So, hopefully this will solve the mo fo problem!

I heard something on the drivers side too, I hope it was from the same piece though.

Words of Advice: don't move to michigan because the roads will f' up your car.
I drove up to Ann Arbor and was really surpsied how bad the roads and streets reallly are.
yeah, daytons not any better, i heard mine form the front drivers side, after i lubed up that ball joint and then lobed up the endlink i haven't had any more problems, lets hope it lasts [knock on wood] i had the same thing, i could drown it out with the radio though, but i hate squeeks, i hate anythign, noises, that shouldn't be there
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