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Looking out my window at the snow coming down here in NH reminds me of a couple of things....Thank God I like to ski, and how great it is to be able to drift a few corners here and there during this otherwise crappy driving

This winter was more tolerable becuase I ordered up a fresh set of winter wheels and tires for my '07 IS250 6MT.

I figured a winter tire review was in order for those who deal with snow and slush for a large portion of the year. I run my winter setup from Thanksgiving thru March and my summer setup otherwise.

I selected a setup from that featured 17x8 Sport Edition double Five spoke wheels / 21 Lbs each.

Tires: Dunlop WinterSport 3D 245/45/17 and 225/45/17 F/R

These are performance oriented winter tires and I can tell you that with about 7000 miles on them now that they work very well. While the Northeast has had a relatively easy winter, we did experience several tricky storms that put your winter driving skills to the test! These tires grip well enough in the snow that I was able to tackle anything that we saw so far.

Like most winters, you really only have 5-10 days of horrible driving. The other days the roads are clear, frozen and covered in sand and salt. I think the best feature of these tires are that they grip so well in the cold weather on clear pavement. Like most of us, I enjoy a more than occasional stomp on the pedal and these tires grip with confidence in below freezing conditions.

I run the stock 18" X-package wheels with the Bridgstone RE050's and besides the short tire life, I like this setup during the good weather.

(As a side note the RE050's do not - repeat - do not stick well at below freezing temps....fair warning......)

Anyway....the tires are great, the wheels look decent and the price and service from Tirerack was great. I also ponied up the extra $$$ for the tire sensors, but those are the same price from everyone - about $350 for four.

I paid about $1500 for everything - wheels, tires, mounting, balancing, sensors and delivery. Called on a Monday, had them on Thursday the same week. I could have spent a little less at Discount tire, but I did not like the tire brand they offered and the only wheels they could offer were 17x7. The set I got from TR is 17x8 and very tolerable in terms of looks.

So here's to the fresh snow that is falling outside and to all the good folks at my.IS for all the input. The reseach and input from the forum sure helped me find the right setup for me.

I'm off to defeat the TC and drift a few corners!

Sideways..........Slick Speed


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