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I went to start my car yesterday, when the power cut out. "Oh shit," I thought, the immobilizer or some bullshit related to the ingition switch I just had replaced a week before (because it was stuck in "ACC").

So I took the key out and tried again, and it started... then died, and the door chime stopped (I had the driver's side door open). After several more tries including a couple times with the master and valet keys, it wouldn't work, so I popped the hood and held my breath.

I went to jiggle the battery terminals, as obviously it was an electrical problem (battery is more acessible than the fuses, which I was going to try next).

Well when my finger was JUST BARELY touching the positive terminal cover (not even the terminal! Just the rubber cover!), I mean JUST FUCKING BARELY, I could barely even feel it, the power went back on and the alarm blasted in my face, just about causing me to let fly a flurry of adrenaline-induced feces.

I ran back to my keys and disabled the alarm (aftermarket alarm). The hood was still open, so I put one hand over my left ear and used my right shoulder to cover the other ear, and starteg jiggling the positive terminal again, expecting it to short again, and go off. Nothing. It was solid as a rock, so was the negative terminal. They wouldn't budge at all.

It was the wierdest fucking thing I have ever seen in my experiance with cars, and I've seen some wierd alarm related shit with my car particularly. After I started the engine again, I sat in the driver's seat, trembling for 2 minutes in horror at whatever had just happened that I couldn't possibly comprehend. I didn't want to drive, because it had absolutely no cause, and I thought it could happen again while I was MOVING. Car in gear with a sudden lack of power, travelling at speed = bad.
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