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Yeah - I was out driving!


OK - I am the "odd duck here".

I basically got a fully loaded IS300
(LSD, moonroof, graphite polished wheels)
but with cloth seats (as a special order).

I love the cloth...

1> I have owned Toyotas with cloth and leather seats before and the cloth has always held up much better in the long run.
2> Cloth does feel cooler in summer
3> Cloth does feel warmer in winter
4> I like the manual seat controls since I am the only driver of this car.
5> I didn't want the weight and reliability concerns of all those seat motors.
6> I can easily reach under and around my seats (unlike people who say that sunglasses and change fall into a "black hole" under their power seats)
7> Leather can develop "spidering" (little cracks)
8> The cloth is very grippy (even more than the "UltraSuede")
9> I saved $1705!!!!!!!
10> In other countries (e.g. Japan, England, Australia) cloth in entry-Luxury cars (for example BMW 3 series) is far more common.

The big downside is reduced resale value, but I plan to keep this car forever...

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The cloth interior only comes in black with some little gray "random stripe accents" along the seatbacks.

There is NO ivory cloth.

Some dealers told me that they have a hard time selling used cloth interior Lexus models...

Yes, I plan to keep the car forever.
Other people who are leasing, or plan to sell the car used at good resale value have less reasons to consider cloth.

I didn't want to start a "save the cows" debate, but I guess I don't mind that I am sitting on man-made materials rather than dead animal skin.
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