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Whos IS300 was in a high speed chase in UT

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anybody know who's car was in a high speed chase yesterday or the day before in SLC??? just curious is all
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well if he was caught i doubt he'd be doing much posting on here :eek:
lol hes in jail checking out :lol:
no shit dumb asses, but people do have friends or other IS300 owners that might know who it was. STFU :shame:
Was not me. Car is still at Modern garage I hope. Have to call and see if it was my car being tested with the turbo. :lol:
the cops didn't catch ME muahahaha... hehe jp... hmmm hope they caught him (at least for now i hope.. i hate people runnin from cops they endanger everyones lives)
I hope the car has a turbo.... and the cops sell it at auction for like $5k..... and I buy it....... and I find a million dollars of drug money in the spare tire......

Damn I have a vivid imagination
they caught him. You can be fast but not faster than the radios and cops coming from different angles. anyways, the car actually did look like yours artnut but i don't think it was yours so don't worry. when is that turbo gonna be done?
Turbo should be done this week. I will be out of the country for the next week. So for sure it will be done by next week. Every thing is installed turbo wise. they are installing the electronics today I think. You can buy that header and race pipe for 200. Also have a dash tray for 60. :D You will never know that I have a turbo in my car until I'm at the race track and then wacth out. The install is clean,
thats cool. i think i'll just save my money and pass on header and racepipe. what exhaust did you go with? did you go with a headgasket also? hope you clutch and tranny holds up.
It has a 3" tbko custom exaust. Head gasket. Tbko Clucth(Holds 450 HP) We will tune it to around 300 rwhp for around town. this way I should have no tranny issues if I drive it right.And 400 rwhp for the race track :crazy: . it should get dynoed this week :D Happy hoildays
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