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Newest pics = Post 1882*

Going to try to revive as much of this as I can. Pictures won't be exact, and I may not put ALL of the pictures back, but I'll do what I can over time.

*** All of these are hotlinked. Click on them and they will take you to the specific post.
Obviously I couldn't include ALL the important posts, so these are the ones with pictures.

Post 1: First day I got the car. Then Tanabe Coilovers, Work Emotion XD9, Work RS Lug Nuts, 15% tint.
Post 8: Fog Mod. DIY BP Emblems.
Post 30: Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust. DIY Black housing Head lights and Fog lights.
Post 32: VIS TRD/L-Tuned Replica Lip Kit. L-Sportsline Grill
Post 39: VIS TRD/L-Tuned Replica Lip Kit. L-Sportsline Grill
Post 49: VIS TRD/L-Tuned Replica Lip Kit. L-Sportsline Grill
Post 52: Duplicolor Metalcast Blue Painted Calipers with Black Decals. Satin Black Emblems and License Plate frame.
Post 89: SOLD Works. 11 spokes back on. Lower. iPhone pics FTL. Extended Exhaust for USDM Bumper. Added “L” Emblem to grill later.
Post 119: More pics.
Post 145: DIY Relocated horns
Post 150: More pics
Post 154: Interior Pics. Tanabe Sway Bars. Falken FK 452’s. Ray’s Extended Blue Lug Nuts.
Post 157: SSR Carbon Fiber Center Caps. SSR Professor MS1’s.
Post 164: Test fit of Wheels/Tires. JDM Altezza Window Visors. JDM Altezza Short Antenna.
Post 199:Fitment after rolling all four fenders. Shorter Springs installed on Tanabe Coilovers.
Post 219: PICS
Post 241: Some fender mods
Post 264: “Tinted” Third brake light red. MMSport Satin Black Tail Lights with Chrome rings.
Post 282: More Pics
Post 308: Random Pictures. LSD.
Post 332: LSD.
Post 338: Grom Audio iPod adapter. More Random Pics.
Post 350: Grom Audio. More pics.
Post 352: Pic.
Post 358: Another random pic.
Post 410: JDM Non Smokers Box. Edited Pictures. Stock wheels back on.
Post 427: Stock wheels + Stock Suspension = FAIL (winter mode)
Post 460: Hiding my Grom Audio Ipod Adaptor!
Post 471: New pics. Tuned Parts Rigid Bars. Polarg Hybrid Bulbs. Figs Mega Arms.
Post 488: BC Racing Coilovers, Ichiba Spacers, Cusco Upper A Arms, Nokya Bulbs, Figs Mega Arms, SSR's all installed. New pics!
Post 513: New pics!
Post 526: New pic!

Post 529: New pic!
Post 532: New pics!
Post 552: LS 400 front calipers in the works
Post 574: BC Damping Extenders, SSR Stickers, Caliper Bolts, Pads, Front Rotors.
Post 581: Some pictures of my front fitment...
Post 585: Techna-Fit Brake Lines
Post 589: Figs CDDD, Caliper Adapters, RCA's, Busted Windshield.
Post 597: Rear rotors and a couple new pics.
Post 608: Teaser from my Brake install.
Post 616: Rear calipers powder coated.
Post 622: HID Fog kit. Brake setup DONE. Stock wheels on.
Post 646: New "old" picture.
Post 651: Random Parts. One of my friends 240sx.
Post 655: New pics. Interior shot.
Post 672: Karl-Sport Short Shifter
Post 691: No more lip kit. Broken lower ball joint bolt.
Post 695: Figs Rear End links and new ball joint.
Post 696: New pictures.
Post 710: New picture of my car. Picture of my friends Civic.
Post 712: Rear end links installed.
Post 721: OEM TRD Altezza Grill.
Post 733: Figs Hood Props installed.
Post 742: Preview. OEM JDM Front. Authentic TRD Lip
Post 777: Random picture
Post 780: Vertex front bumper
Post 788: Vertex Side skirts
Post 799: Vertex front and side teaser
Post 819: Vertex Rear lip
Post 837: Teaser of my wheels
Post 841: Test fit of my wheels
Post 847: Test fit of my new wheels. Two new pics.
Post 867: 255/35/18 Yokohama S.Drives.
Post 873: 215/40/18 S.Drives. UGO Replica.
Post 882: Tires mounted. Teaser rear fitment.
Post 893: Z-Edition Grill
Post 898: Toe Links. Spacers.
Post 910: Lug nuts. Spacers. Teaser.
Post 918: Wheels on. Pics.
Post 943: New pics.
Post 957: Interior Pics.
Post 960: Floor mats, touch up paint. Vertex parts almost ready.
Post 962: Kit installed!!
Post 983: More pics!
Post 986: Pics from my buddy!
Post 996: New random pics
Post 1010: More picture whoring
Post 1028: Pictures...
Post 1060: New pictures before winter
Post 1081: Maintenance parts. Figs. Wheels.
Post 1082: Wheels
Post 1097: Wheel update. KS shifter
Post 1110: Wheel update.
Post 1113: Toe links, end links, teaser.
Post 1132: New Pics with Vertex and Wheels.
Post 1158: More wheel pictures.
Post 1171: New Pics. Refinished wheels on.
Post 1177: Maintenance parts.
Post 1179: Timing belt job. Interior. Raised car.
Post 1204: Old pictures from the summer.
Post 1210: Samco. Koyo. Exterior. Parts. Engine bay.
Post 1217: Ganador Mirrors. Wheel teaser
Post 1229: Wheel teaser.
Post 1236: New pictures.
Post 1241: New picture.
Post 1250: New pictures.
Post 1254: Wald Flares. Vertex hood spoiler.
Post 1269: Spring cleaning. Cusco trunk bar.
Post 1270: Modellista kit!
Post 1292: Interior cleaning. Carbing?
Post 1293: Wald flare test fit.
Post 1314: Painted rear Modellista Mesh
Post 1315: Rect Japan quarter window ducts
Post 1316: Window duct test fit
Post 1328:New pictures.
Post 1331: New pictures
Post 1333:New pictures.
Post 1339: New pictures
Post 1341: Old bent wheel lol.
Post 1360: Fog lights. New pictures.
Post 1376: Vertex fender test fit.
Post 1380: Ganador paint options.
Post 1381: Oil pressure gauge working. Fog light film install.
Post 1382: Power Ganadors!
Post 1386: Fully functional cluster
Post 1392: Modellista Fog lights wired
Post 1406: Two new pictures
Post 1409: TRD Neo/Cloth interior from Japan
Post 1412: New white/blue glass Ganadors
Post 1417: New white Ganadors
Post 1424: My view out of Gandors
Post 1428: Ganadors
Post 1435: Wheel disassembly
Post 1437: Wheels disassembled
Post 1442: Couple old pictures
Post 1444: Qualitat Badge
Post 1445: White Ganadors/Qualitat
Post 1446: Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Post 1451: Door panels. Chrome VS black Head lights
Post 1457: Arm rest, No.2 LCA, bushings
Post 1466: Random pictures
Post 1470: Friend's wheels pictures
Post 1481: Snow pictures
Post 1483: Bushings pressed out. Wheel hardware
Post 1486: Random pics. Juran FSTB
Post 1488: Bushings and parts
Post 1497: Vertex Wheel. Parts. Lips.
Post 1503: Wheel Faces
Post 1506: Random pics. Bushing install. Faces
Post 1513: Random pic.
Post 1519: Snow pics. Inner Barrels
Post 1524: Front wheels.
Post 1529: Buddy Club Spec 2.
Post 1530: Random Picture
Post 1540: New pictures
Post 1548: Buddy Club Spec2 videos. More pictures
Post 1559: Vertex Steering wheel install
Post 1564: Fender marker wiring. Steering wheel
Post 1570: Vertex horn button
Post 1573: Front tires mounted. Test fit
Post 1577: OEM Altezza Push Start
Post 1585: Blitz finished and put together
Post 1593: Blitz on. Pictures
Post 1604: Blitz on. Pictures
Post 1613: Blitz on. More Pictures
Post 1620: Bump Stop Spacers
Post 1621: Couple Pictures
Post 1626: Footwell LED. Blitz center caps. Suspension rubbing.
Post 1629: More pictures
Post 1638: Steering Wheel Spacer
Post 1643: More Pictures. Carbing Rear Strut bar
Post 1645: Carbing rear bar installed. Steering wheel spacer on.
Post 1652: Carbing front strut bar installed.
Post 1658: Wekfest Houston pictures
Post 1664: Fall Pictures
Post 1674: Rolling shots
Post 1678: New keys lol
Post 1688: Modellista Clear Trunk Lights
Post 1692: My garage lol
Post 1695: Spare tail lights. Interior piece
Post 1700: Rear toe adjustment failure
Post 1705: Elixir teaser
Post 1706: Elixir teaser
Post 1720: New rear tires
Post 1725: New BC coils, Figs mega arms installed
Post 1728: Exterior Pictrues
Post 1731: Elixir test fit
Post 1734: Some kind of leak?
Post 1741: Work Lug nuts, Moon face ball joints, random pictures
Post 1745: Pictures, interior and exterior
Post 1746: 17x9 Blitz type 03
Post 1749: Moon Face ball joints installed. Blitz wheel pictures
Post 1756: Ikeya Subframe collars installed
Post 1757: "New" JDM rear bumper
Post 1762: Black 3 Bar Altezza Grill, New 17x9 +22 CE28N, First puppy Luna
Post 1766: 17x10 +35 CE28N, two pair of CE28N
Post 1772: Street Faction Front/Rear Bash Bar Install, TRD Yellow, Elixir Teaser
Post 1773: Pictures with mismatched color CE28N
Post 1774: Luna update, First rescue dog Vada, dogs together, Amsoil trans and diff fluid, cabin air filter, oil change parts
Post 1784: Footwell Lighting, TRD Yellows, LED Ganadors, New door lock actuator, new drive belt, Figs foot plate, hood dampers, battery bar, T-shirt, bushings, Replacement trunk hinges, "new" daily 4Runner
Post 1786: Wiring Ganador plugs, JDM black housing Head lights, Super Pro diff bushings, Carbing front under brace, more pictures with mismatched color CE28N and LED Gandors installed
Post 1789: Figs side skirt clips, JDM Head Light install, CE28N back from powder coat
Post 1791: Tires mounted, Figs foot plate installed, Ray's replacement valve stems and CE28N stickers, matching wheels installed, Figs side skirt clips installed, head lights and tail lights polished
Post 1795: Trac links and bushings removed, Figs trac link arms, trac link knuckle bushing, rear lower control arm bearing installed, OEM white pearl tail lights, interior picture, exterior pictures
Post 1796: Exterior pictures
Post 1797: Exterior Pictrues
Post 1798: Exterior pictures, random pictures
Post 1802: Failed Foster dog addition Bug, all three dogs
Post 1806: Before/After detailing 4Runner, new rear brakes for 4runner
Post 1807: Last Modellista picture, Karl Sport shifter maintenance, Altezza cloth rear seats, arm rest, and door panels installed, Bride Zeta 2 driver seat cleaning with Street Faction seat rail and slider, new trunk lip spoiler, transporting Elixir and IS for paint
Post 1808: After 4Runner paint correction
Post 1809: Elixir painted teaser, Elixir details, grill fitting, Fog lights fitted, IS300 paint correction started, Elixir skirt test fit, broken wheel stud, car on jack stands
Post 1815: Diff removed, diff bushings removed, poly bushings installed, subframe bushings partially removed, picked up Chargespeed fiberglass hood, hood latch replacement parts and hood test fit
Post 1819: Rear H&R Extended wheel studs install, subframe diff poly bushings installed, car back on the ground
Post 1820: Exterior pictures
Post 1821: Exterior pictures
Post 1822: Exterior Pictures
Post 1828: Exterior pictures
Post 1829: Spare dash, Bride hip pads, Bride installed
Post 1830: Exterior pictures, Interior pictures, tires removed from front CE28N, New rear tires
Post 1832: "New" Advan RS 17x9 +29 18x10 +15, tires mounted, exterior pictures
Post 1835: Exterior pictures
Post 1838: Exterior pictures, new tie rod end
Post 1839: Interior pictures, exterior pictures
Post 1843: Interior pictures, exterior pictures, engine bay picture
Post 1844: Bride XAX2 passenger seat, Max intro, all 4 dogs picture
Post 1846: JDM Altezza front fender fitting, Garage shelving updates
Post 1852: Received Karl Long o2 Sim
Post 1854: How NOT to change your door lock actuator
Post 1857: o2 Sim Installed, Bride/Interior Pictures
Post 1858: Bumper on, no side skirts, engine bay pics
Post 1859: Kit back on before paint. Raised front, fenders rolled.
Post 1860: More pictures before paint. After getting an alignment.
Post 1861: More pictures. TRD CF license plate garnish
Post 1863: More Advans (17x9 +29, 18x10 +15, 18x10 +25), new valve stems, Bride RO Seat Rail.
Post 1870: Progress Pics From Body Shop. Hood/Fenders Prepped.
Post 1871: Progress From Body Shop. Parts Painted. Seats in, Car back At home. Ganadors put together. Car ready to be assembled. 18x10 +25 Advans on.
Post 1872: Car Assembled Pictures.
Post 1873: More Pictures
Post 1877: More Pictures. Car On Jackstands. Removing Front Upper Control Arms.
Post 1878: Failed Upper Control Arm Ball Joints. Car back on the charger for now lol
Post 1880: Ball Joints and Bushings Replaced. New Pictures
Post 1881: New Pictures, Garage Rearranged, New Tahoe
Post 1882: Future Fab 1jz Turbo Elbow, Altezza Digital Cluster
Post 1888: Weld Spark Plug Cover, Altezza Hyper Rev Volumes
Post 1889: Random Pics, Parts
Post 1890: ACT Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, New pics, Buddy Club Exhaust for sale
Post 1891: Greddy Supreme SP Exhaust, Fluidampr Crank Pulley, Walbro Fuel Pump, Pics

There is a lot of talk about my mods throughout the posts inbetween too. I mainly posted the posts which contain pictures lol.

My CURRENT Mods list.

15% Tint
Chargespeed Fiberglass Hood
Cerumo Sports Trunk Spoiler Titanium Engine Bay Dress Up Kit
Elixir Aero Front Bumper
Elixir Aero Side Skirts
Elixir Aero Rear Bumper
Figs CF/FRP Hood Prop Kit
Ganador LED Super Mirrors with Blue Glass
JDM Altezza Antenna
JDM Altezza Black Housing / Blue Tint Head Lights
JDM Altezza Black Z-Edition Grill
JDM Altezza Front Fenders
JDM Altezza Rear Bumper
JDM Altezza Rear Emblem
JDM Altezza Window Visors
JDM Modellista White Tail Lights
Rect Japan Carbon Fiber Quarter Window Ducts
Replica UGO Roof Spoiler
Satin Black Painted Fog Lights
Street Faction Front Bash Bar
Street Faction Rear Bash Bar
TRD Carbon Fiber License Plate Garnish
TRD Oil Cap

Altezza Black Cloth Arm Rest
Altezza Black Cloth Front And Rear Door Panels
Altezza Black Cloth Rear Seats W/ Head Rests
Bride RO Passenger Seat Rail And Slider
Bride XAX 2
Bride Zeta 2
Carbing Shift Knob
Dakota Digital Speedometer Convertor Box
Dakota Digital Tachometer Convertor Box
Grom Audio iPod Adapter
JDM Altezza RS200 Digital Gauge Cluster
JDM Non Smokers Box
LED Dome Light
LED Door Lights
LED Foot Lights
LED Map Light
LED Trunk Lights
NRG Short Hub
Steet Faction Seat Rail and Slider
Vertex Steering Wheel
*All-Weather Floor Mats (For Bad Weather/Winter)
*Full Black Leather Interior in storage

Carbing Cooling Plate
Figs Clutch Dampener Device Delete
Greddy Supreme SP Catback Exhaust
JDM OEM Altezza OEM Plug and Play Push Start
K&N Intake
Karl Long o2 Sim
Karl-Sport Short Shifter
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
TRD Type S 1.3kg/m^2 Radiator Cap
Samco Coolant Hoses and Clamp Kit

Suspension and Brakes
5 Speed LSD
BC Racing Coilovers (18k/16k)
BC Racing Damping Adjustment Extenders
Carbing Front Strut Bar
Carbing Rear Strut Tower Bar
Cusco Trunk Bar
Figs Replacement Upper Control Arm Ball Joints
Figs Caliper Adapters
Figs Diff Pinion Mount Bushings
Figs Diff Subframe Bushings
Figs Front Adjustable End Links with Moto Rod Ends
Figs Front Upper Control Arm Static Bushings
Figs Drop Mega Arms
Figs Polyurethane #1 Lower Control Arm Bushings
Figs Polyurethane #2 Lower Control Arm Bushings
Figs Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings
Figs Rear Adjustable End Links with Moto Rod Ends
Figs Rear Knuckle Lower Bearing
Figs Roll Center Adjusters
Figs Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
Figs Toe Links with Moto Rod Ends
Figs Trac Links with Moto Rod Ends
Figs Trac Link Knuckle Bushing
IS300 EBC 3GD Sport Rotors (Rear)
IS300 EBC RedStuff Pads (Rear)
Ikeya Formula Rear Subframe Collars
LS400 EBC 3GD Sport Rotors (Front)
LS400 EBC RedStuff Pads (Front)
LS400 Front Calipers
OEM Front Upper Control Arms with Moon Face Low Angle Ball Joints
TRD Yellow Front Sway Bar
TRD Yellow Rear Sway Bar
Techna-Fit SS Brake Lines (Black Coated)
Tuned Parts Rigid Bars
URAS JZX110 Super Tie Rods

Wheels and Tires
Advan RS
17x9 +29 215/45/17
18x10 +25 225/40/18
Stock 11-Spoke wheels

My car in it's CURRENT state...

Untitled by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr


Pics from when I first got the car! 2005 CW 5 speed with black leather interior and 28,900 miles.

WhiteLexus4 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

WhiteLexus6 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

WhiteLexus2 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

added more pictures... they arent the best either though. its been cloudy and cold all day.

alright i got new rims tires and coilovers all in the past two weeks and have obviously had the windows tinted since i got the car. but i finally got everything put on wednesday and have been dying to post pictures but i didnt have a chance to take decent ones when i got the car back wednesday. i washed it but by the time i got home i ran out of daylight :( and i was busy all day today. so here are some pics i have so far.

tanabe sustec pro s-oc type II coilovers
TanabeSustecProS-OCTypeII by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

bronze work emotion xd9 18x8 +45
WorkEmotionXD94 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

CoreysPictures003 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

CoreysPictures007 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

CoreysPictures011 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

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Suggestion - drive the car for a couple hundred miles or so before you start playing with the height adjustment to let the coilovers "settle in" and then once they have been settled do the height adjusting :). It'll save you some time in the future. Looks really nice though.

If you don't mind me asking - with the wheels size and offset does it look like it will rub or does it rub currently? Is there still have at least another 1/2" of clearance from the outer fender?

Very Clean +rep

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Nice man. How does the ride feel with those coilovers? And how low can you drop it?
well first ive never had coilovers or been in a car that does... but to me they feel good. you can definately feel more bumps in the road but i still think they ride better than my brothers RSX-S with springs (dont know what kind). tanabes website says they can lower up to 2 and 1/4" in the front and 2 and 3/4" in the back. i didnt measure anything before i got them installed so im not exactly sure how low mine dropped :(

foliatec makes a caliper paint kit that may be close to that color
ill check that out thank you +rep

Suggestion - drive the car for a couple hundred miles or so before you start playing with the height adjustment to let the coilovers "settle in" and then once they have been settled do the height adjusting :). It'll save you some time in the future. Looks really nice though.

If you don't mind me asking - with the wheels size and offset does it look like it will rub or does it rub currently? Is there still have at least another 1/2" of clearance from the outer fender?

Very Clean +rep
good idea. ill see if they settle in lower then go from there. it doesnt rub right now. at least i dont think. i havent heard any rubbing so... and what do you mean from the outer fender? like if they were shaved? i can drop it more without hitting the inside of the fender. they will tuck under and my fenders are not shaved.

looks good, where'd you get the xd9's from?
i got on the work wheels usa website and looked around at different shops that carried them. called them and got quotes for the wheels and then ordered. here's the link to the work dealers.dealers

and they rest of you... thanks for the comments :)

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What the % on the tint?

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woah bumping up an old thread lol. thanks guys!

I actually have some better pictures now but im in the process of changing some things so i dont want to post them up yet.

since then i have...
DIY bp emblems
fog mog
painted black headlights (not installed yet)
painted black fogs (not installed yet)
repainted black grill (not installed)
TRD rep. front lip (not installed)
L-Tuned rep. sides and rear lip (not installed)
Blitz Nur Spec exhaust (still on its way :()
and i am working on getting some black tail lights

im HOPING everything will be done by the end of august. but my paint guy is already really busy so im not opptimistic :( plus i really wanted to hold off on getting the lip kit on until i got the exhuast. which for some reason was special order from japan so tomorrow i will have been waiting for 2 months. ughh....

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alright well i decided i might as well post these up. so here are some better pictures of how my car is currently looking. like i said though, it should have a new look here soon.

what color should i paint my calipers?
WhiteLexus8 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

fog mod!
white23 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DIY bp emblems
WhiteLexus33 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr
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