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White IS300 at AU 79: Who are you?

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Saw a white IS300 at AU 79 in Arcadia on Friday Night. 2 Asian ppl, 1 male, 1 female. If that was you, I was standing in the parking lot with the 3 Sis. Just wondering if you were part of this club.

Official member of the So. Cal Fuddrucker and Boba Crews. Westside Represent!
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not me, but can you give me directions to get there from USC? we can meet up some time.
Originally posted by atomicbombpinoy:
irv_usc, i'm a TA for ITP 101. So I might see you around Olin Hall. We just had a Angeles Nation Park run and some members of and came along. Great guys too.

most of my classes are over in sgm, etc. plus i most likely won't be driving my IS to school.. gotta keep her in tip top shape...! normally i drive my silver 85 supra to campus...
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