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If there one thing we are here at WOW ?besides cheap-shot artists, that is ?it egalitarian. No one, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or the number of expensive fuel-hungry vehicles he or she owns, is exempt from being reminded that the world is a tough enough place without having to listen to the wealthy, privileged, and gifted complain about how unfair life is.

So it is that we are thrilled this week to be able to honor a woman as the Whiner of the Week. That뭩 right, Brenda Warner, these one-liners are for you.

Warner, number one fan and spouse of Rams?QB Kurt Warner, showed uncommon enterprise in earning her title, going out of her way to call a St. Louis radio station to whine about the treatment her poor -- we are not using that term in a financial sense ?hubby had received from the team that plucked him from the obscurity of the Arena Football League to make him rich and famous.

Specifically, she wailed that Rams?coach Mike Martz, who had benched back-up hero Mark Bulger to give Warner an opportunity to lose some more football games and lead the Rams out of the playoff picture, didn뭪 show sufficient concern over Kurt뭩 hand injury. She, and not the team, urged her husband to get the x-rays that showed it to be broken, she said.

A fit, so to speak, hit the fans on that one, and a day later Warner was furiously covering for his wife. "It뭩 not anything that needs to be any kind of big deal at all," he said, advice that whining Brenda should have taken to heart before making that call to the radio station.

I turn on TV and constantly see celebrities bitching and whining about everything. I was watching this Christina Aguilera's special (i'm not ghey) called "Stripped in New York", and she gets all teary eyed infront of that geek Carson how the song's about all the suffering she's gone through. Allen Iverson bitching about how the cops are after him and he's scared of his life. Other celebrities changing their image and announcing how this is their true self and before they were misunderstood by the media. And we have cracked out idiots like Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and Brad Nowell committing suicide and overdosing. Could life be this bad for them? Give me a break!!
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