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hi i need clean the egr valve where is?

i have the p0300 to p0306 and the manual service 2jz-ge say clean egr

but i need locate..

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There is no EGR on the IS300. There's a PCV located on the intake valve cover, but no EGR.

If you have random/multiple misfires, the causes are below.

-open/short in engine wire
-connector connection
-vacuum hose connection
-ignition system
-fuel pressure
-engine coolant temp sensor
-compression pressure
-valve clearance
-valve timing
-PVC piping

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What was the cause finally?
This tread is old. They are not on the forum anymore.

Usually it is caused by faulty plug or wire. Also if the valve covers leak oil or it is spilled in the valley. It will cause this issue.
It can be a faulty coil or coil connector. Could even be a wiring issue or ignitor.

You would need more info and to inspect the areas.
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