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I'm sure this Q has been asked on here before but I'm new to the board! I went to see a 1998 M3 at a local BMW dealer today and a Lexus dealer was next door, so I walked over and checked out the IS (they had around 10 of them).

I WANT one! One of the best looking cars I've ever seen, particularly in silver. I knew it was a good looking car from the pictures but it is awsome in person. Far more attractive than the E36 BMW.

I still must have a manual though. Does anyone know when Lexus is going to offer it? I'm going to be ready to buy in May or June (when my lease on my '98 Civic expires). I may be willing to wait a little but I'm hoping the stick will come mid-year.

Thanks guys!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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