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I say give it a rest. Are we gonna get a cookie for having the breaking news? No. Are you gonna get a discount t your local lexus dealer? No.

When it gets here (or Japan) it will get here. What is the big rush? What is the big fasincation? I dont see the point?

Other past BS speculations I have had to weather

Release of Tranny ECU/ Traction Fix.
Release of the SRT intake
Release of Potenza Tire Recall
Release of the 5spd & 2002 model.
Release of the AWD
Release of the Coupe/Convertible
Release of the SportsDesign Edition & 2003 models
Release of the IS430
Release of the IS300-TT
Release of the next GS
Release of the next LS
Release of this
Release of that

Jeezus cant we stop for a few months?
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Not open for further replies.