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wheels don't fit!!!!!

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oh no! I took my 16" konig burners that I ordered from tiresdirect to the dealer to install/ adjust weight and turns out that the wheels don't fit!!!!
it got stuck on the break calipers.

this really suck.. I am talking to the customer support right now.
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Oh man that really bites the big one.....

Did u try them on yourself or did you bring it to a mechanic?

When I got my 16x7 ALT 190 Seven's (offset 40) I took off my driver side front wheel and tried one on at 3AM in the morning, heh. Luckily is not near the brake caliper and spun quite freely. This doesn't mean there may not be any problems, but I'll find out when I get my tires and mount them on this weekend. I'm crossing my fingers.

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