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Wheel fitment for my 98 Altezza

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I have a set of tires, 225/35 and was planning on getting some wheels soon. I have a set in mind and they are 18x9.5 +30 since I want some decent stretch as well as flush fitment. I’ve been going off of my friend who had 17x9.5 +28 paired with 215/40 and had no issues. We are both fairly low and both have trimmed liners and rolled fenders but was wondering if I step it up to 18 inches with similar stretch and offset if I would have any issues. I imagine the rears would be fine with what i’m going for but my only concern is the fronts, would I be able to use my desired spec or would I have to go with maybe a +35 offset or even a 9” or 8.5” wide in the front?
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