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I'm on my fourth one. When Lexus Carlsbad put it in they said their "master service fixit guy" would look at the one they took out to try to engineer something to hold it tighter. Personally, I don't want some custom dealer one-off bracket making my car work right, I want a Lexus footrest solution. Fortunately, *this* footrest has stayed tight for over a month now! So what does that tell you? Either they have a lot of defective parts or else they are installing it incorrectly. If no one else in this forum has been complaining of this problem, indications are that it's an install problem...

So you and I and possibly a few others got a loose footrest from the factory. And in my case the replacements ended up loose a couple of times, but did eventually get fixed. Sounds like you need to stay on your dealership to fix this. Mine returned the car from a service and claimed they couldn't feel the looseness I had told them to fix. I walked the service guy out, put him in my seat with the door open, and watched him put top-to-bottom rocking force on my footrest. Surprise, surprise - it wiggled! Puh-leaze. How lame was that?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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