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What's the part of your car that you are a FANATIC about the

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I think the exterior, making sure the windows are clean, the rims are clean, tires polished "shinny". And that it's dusted about 3 times a day.

LOL, Okay maybe I'm nuts about my car I just want it to look good 24/7 and last a long time.

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sharp lines. like clam stated. makes the car looks serious and mean. i also love the dash and the ecsaine seats!.
Besides from clean exterior. Interior must be junk free.

When I finish washing my car I make sure to wipe the wiper, exhaust tip and the inside between the doors for water spots. Also I clean around the bottom edge of my car. Am I nuts or what?
Boyie...when i first got my is300 (its black on black like yours) i was like you, all crazy bout keepin clean and stuff. But trust me gets crazy dirty and your gonna get lazy eventually and it will get dirty sometimes. Just wash like once a week or so, maybe'll can be a pain.
I love the stance of the car, it looks threatening to other cars like " get the [email protected]# out of my way!!" It's agressive yet sophisticated look is mixed together well. I guess thats why 6 months later I still stare at car sometimes. Yeah, and I'm also picturing my soon to come body kit!
shiela is gunna say the shift knob!!!
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Originally posted by HyperMKIV:
shiela is gunna say the shift knob!!!
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