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I've been reading this forum for awhile now, and im getting confused between the price issue. If the Invoice is around 26k and the MSRP is around 31k... What will you pay for the car? Or what are you looking to pay for this car? I know everyone is not gonna settle for 35k plus tax on a fully loaded car or 31k on any car if they get it for 26k. I know they have to make some money on the car but the markup is crazy. Do you think they are doing this to see if people will buy the car at that price? I think people will buy it but that doesn't mean I won't try to bargin. Anyway I just wanna know what everyone is looking to pay no matter if its lease or buy.....

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People do buy cars at MSRP.
Luxury marques like BMW, Porsche
(and Lexus...) often command a premium
when the first models come out.

You know - BMW auctioned off the very
first US X5 (pseudu-sport-ute) on eBay
and they got something like $400,000 for

Some people will pay any price to be the
first in their neighborhood to get a new
model that they want.

When the VW "new bettle" came out it was the
chic car to show up to the Oscar ceremony.
The dealers were probably loving life as
celebs flocked to hollywood area dealers willing
to pay any price to get at the first shipment.

I wish we had more leverage, but we are
stuck in a supply/demand economy with
no supply (yet).
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