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souljas U gots 2B kidding, you asking abunch of idiots, theyve been brainwashed thinking the almighty IS--- you bee the judge>

The Acura RL is nowhere near comparable to the IS300.
this clown is bias, sounds like the "RL is nowehre near the IS" 2 me

If you're looking for a sporty rwd compact sedan, the IS fits the bill (and these days you can get a fully loaded IS for about $32K). If, however, you're looking for a relatively big fwd 4 door sedan, then the RL should be your choice.
this clown goes outtaher way to describe the toyota as "sporty rwd compact" whiel the RL iz "relatively big fwd 4 door" GEE thanks -the IS is sportyCompact and the RL is relatively big - and they both 4 doors WOW wealth of informationTHANKS again

If you're buying it may hurt you for re-sale value in 3 to 4 years since a new more luxurious model will be out.
what dis clown talking about??? GET the IS and be immune to low re-sale??? like the IS wont be replaced with somethin better (yeah theres a stretch) in next 3-4 years?

Keep honking, I'm reloading.
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