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My service rep at the good dealership I go to said that complaining to customer service at lexus does very little.

If you want to have a big impact on the dealership, fill out the survey's they send you in the mail.

These surveys are looked at by JD Power and Associates and are therefor considered very important in Lexus' eyes.

My service rep also told me that there are stories of people getting fired due to these surveys.

Just to let you know. I'm eagerly awaiting mine. (I think the bad dealership messed up my RX300. I brought it in today to the good dealership to have it looked at)

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Hey we just now filled one out and sent it in im glad that it does something. I have had horrible service because they just think of me as a kid. lol so I gave all of it over to my mom. oh yea and my car got HIT while it was in the lexus shop. There bringin a wreaker to come get my car from my house and gettin some top man to fix it. Well they better cause im fed up with them.
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