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P0100- maf malfunction
P0110- iat circuit malfunction
P0420-catalyst system below threshold bank 1
P0505-idle control system malfunction
P1346-Vvt sensor rang
P1349- Vvt system malfunction
P1346- Vvt sensor rang

What the crap? I've had the car for a week, drives fine, then today it throws a cel and flashing trac light. Still runs fine but now has a weird idle occasionally when sitting at a light or coming to a stop. Idles up, idles down.

I check the codes, and it's all these. Wtf

Maf and iat and idle control I assume are on the same piece?

P0420 is gas cap or o2 sensor I think, yes?

Vvt sensor-wtf? Is it a bad sensor or the vvt gear is bad?

Help plz
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