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Seems like in your case, the warning lights don't really mean a thing.......They came on AFTER your engine died, right???? Whenever you turn on the ignition, those same warning lights come on anyway.......

But you should have it checked out.......Have you used any fuel system cleaner lately?????

Try Castrol Syntec fuel system cleaner. It works amazingly well....Clogged injectors may cause rough idles and could lead to engine stalls......

My 2 cents.....

Originally posted by wazzup:
On my way to work today, I was cruising down the highway then exited. First stop light I hit after the highway exit I hit a red light and was getting ready to turn. As soon as my IS300 came to a stop, the engine died! Several warning lights came on including the Check engine light. I restarted the car and everything was fine. No warning lights at all. I continured driving to work and the car was just problem. When I got to work I popped the hood and checked the oil level and that was fine too.

Was this some kind of fluke or something? Any ideas?

I will drive it some more on my way home tonight to see if it happens again.

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