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Here is my BMW horror story from today.

"BMW will not sell me another car.
Here is the story;
I took delivery in November of a 2000 323iA. From November of '99 to April of '00, I returned the car 5 times for a vibration in the front-end when braking, squealing brakes when stopping, defective tires, but they could not fix the vehicle.
In early September, BMW agreed to replace the vehicle under the lemon-law. The problem was the new vehicle had the same problems. I returned it to them yesterday for service and they said I could keep it for a few more days or take a loaner since they were considering letting me walk away from my lease.
Last night I got a call from BMW stating they were willing to let me walk away from my lease and I could purchase another car.
Today I stopped at the dealer to look at the 5 series. The salesperson was about to draw the paperwork when the sales manager came to me and said, BMW will not sell me another car."

I will be at the local Lexus dealer tomorrow.
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