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What I paid for my red is 300 5 speed

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Some of you have been asking what I paid for the red is 300 5 speed that I picked up on Wednesday. The car stickered for $33,600 and I paid $31,800. The car has a sunroof, limited slip, leather/escaine, spoiler, heated seats, Dunlop Sport 8000 tires (they are incredible!!), etc. I believe it has all of the options except the navi and graphite rims. My salesman was Wally Miles at Lexus of Peoria, IL. Any comments regarding what I paid would be appreciated!
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The price of $31,800 was the price I paid for the car itself. Title work was $38 dollars more. I believe that I got this price because I had been talking to my salesperson for about a year about the upcoming 5 speed. He knew that I was a "car guy" and he worked with me on the price.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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