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What does everybody think of this deal?

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I have been talking with the dealer in Charlotte and he has said 33,136 out the door. In th epast I have seen much lower prices. What do you guys/girls think about this deal? I would really appreciate any ideas? What should I say to him to get it down. Thanks in advance!
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hey guys, I'm also getting my IS300 soon, deliever date is around June 20th. I already paid $1000 downpayment. My deal was $30,768, pretty cheap huh? considering itz a silver IS (yeeesssssssss, silver)with leather package and moonroof. If anyone is considering 'bout getting an IS, now is the time, cuz if u wait any longer, there will be no more 2001 IS available. My dealer informed me that he is only getting 6 IS in their next delivery (1 of them is my silver bullet
) So expect the price to rise again in the nxt few weeks. And if u wait until the 2002 models to come out, chances r, there will be no 2001 model left..
yup, all sold out..
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