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What does everybody think of this deal?

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I have been talking with the dealer in Charlotte and he has said 33,136 out the door. In th epast I have seen much lower prices. What do you guys/girls think about this deal? I would really appreciate any ideas? What should I say to him to get it down. Thanks in advance!
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By the way this only with the leather package and sunroof. Not fully loaded. I think it is to high. Thanks.
Well I held out long enough that I got him to drop to 30,900. I feel this was a great deal. I appreciate your all your comments and help. I will be getting the car sometime next week, I can't wait. Finally!
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At first he was at 34,165 (sticker). So he came down three grand. I was not going to pay over 31,000 (Sticker)for this car. I was looking at the Tl type S and played a little cat and mouse with each dealer. I think it went very well. I was getting ready to walk in the door at acura and lexus called with an offer I couldn't refuse. Although it took about a week to do if you can just hold off the new car fever they will come down.
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