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What do you think about memory seats ?

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Inspired by the location of the memory seat control panel in RX300 and the similarity in contruction between RX300 and IS300 (for instance, the window frames, door handle), it may not be that technically expensive for Lexus to provide this feature in IS300.

The memory seat control panel for RX300 is located on the left hand side on the dash besides the steering wheel.

So I would think that the switch place where there is a coin-holder could be used for the memory function.

Just my thought.
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What I'd really like to see in the IS is an auto telescoping steering wheel with memory. Something that retracts when I open the door and extends when I close the door, like what the SC does. I sit pretty close to the steering wheel when I drive, and always rub a little against the seat when I'm getting in and out.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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