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what do you do in the middle of a snow storm?

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I went out and got a carwash..

had to do it, the free car wash expires in 5 days and today is the fifth day.
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i would bang the **** out of my girlfriend, snowstorms are a great excuse for staying home and f u c k i n g .

Originally posted by Agent Smith:
You did the right thing
At least you respect her enough to say "bang the **** out of her"


However, I believe Chroma is a single trolling for sluts kind of I wrong - do you have a girlie? Guy crusin around in a Yellow IS during a snow storm must not have tang at home...did you try out your heated seats? I love mine.
No Tang to move my Wang at home.
dammit I want to go to California
Chroma. I was up there yesterday.
Driving sucked. 90 was a blizzard one sec, then perfectly clear the next. Syracuse had prob 3-4 inches.

Drove back to CT today in the snow again.

Don't take your car out in a storm. I saw 8 cars driven off the road, and 4 car accidents.
damn, see how skilled I am? I went out there in th middle of a blizzard with Z-rated tires and still survived.
Hey guys!! Now's the perfect time to put your cars in reverse and drive!!!!!

Instant FWD!!!!
Originally posted by chromaplast:
What do you in the middle of a snowstorm? park the damn IS in the garage, hop on the snowmobile and ENJOY WINTER WHILE YOU CAN!!!

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hahah, dude, I want to try that some day, probably get arrested by the cops.

MNSpec : I don't have a garage! Once I get batteries for my camera I'll take some photos of IS300 covered under snow. hehe
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