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I know they dont change the oil. Do they check the alignment? is it a look over the whole car, or do they actually perform anything mechanical on it? thanks. i also think this might vary from dealer to dealer.


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I had my 30 day / 1,000 mile service done a few weeks ago and this is the list of items listed on my invoice (naturally other people's service may vary):

- Inspect engine oil level
- Inspect engine coolant level
- Inspect brake fluid
- Inspect windshield washer
- Inspect auto trans fluid
- Inspect for fluid leaks
- Inspect for bolts & nuts on
- Inspect tire pressure
- Road test
- Bled hydraulic brake system and road test for brake pedal feel
- Car wash

Mileage in: 1055
Mileage out: 1057

The entire inspection was done in about 1 1/2 hours. Also, if you want a technician can actually come to your home or work to perform the first service (at least for me). However, I needed my brakes bled so that was not an option.

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