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Hmm I've been posting a lot more every since I've gotten rid of the why not start a new topic.

Not sure if this has been discussed, and I don't now how to use the search function so....

...what has been the most regretful mod you've done to your IS? It happens to all of us, I know I had my fair share of terrible decisions when it came to modifying my IS300 during my ownership.

I'll start with a few.

1. Resonator delete. Idiotic.
2. Buying used springs/shocks. Blasphemy.
3. Enkei Bortex wheels. Terrible.
4. Buying a cheap set of foglights bulbs.
5. Buying aftermarket CAI intakes. no point.
6. Re-badging to an "Altezza". Seriously, wow.
7. Pretty much everything I did pre-2009.

God thinking back I wish I would have done it all right the first time. My advice to the "new" members, don't half ass it. Don't buy those wheels because just because they're a "good deal" and want something right now. Save that money and buy a real set you really want later. Do suspension first (cred @ kayotik). Get new coilovers, or new strut/springs.

As far as CAI's, I'm not even gonna get into this. SRT or bust. Or nothing at all.

Slapping an Altezza badge isn't gonna change your car to an Altezza. Unless you do the whole shebang. Looks stupid.

Anyways, /rant.
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