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What Are The Most Unreliable Cars?

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What are the most unreliable cars/makes? Jaguar used to be amongst them with their lucas electronics until Ford bought them. Now they are in the top 5 on JD Powers list as far as reliablity. Would you say that Volkswagon & Audi are amonst the most unreliable? Their extended warranties are a fortune... I just bought a new Audi TT

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I would say Lada or Trabant
Originally posted by ISFAN:
I think ACURA, probably the CL TYPE S
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Originally posted by Doug:
Land rover, Jeep
Jeep has improved with their reliabilty... Haven't they?
Between 1984-1986 my father went through two Cadillacs. It seemed like everything that was motor operated failed, any resevoir that held fluid leaked, and he had a host of electrical problems. He vowed never to buy a GM product again, and never did actually. So I have no idea how current highline GM products are today as far as reliablity is concerned. Like Caddys, Corvettes, etc....
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