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<P>For 1st Gen IS300's

Used the ATI C2 PRocharger Blower. Solid unit, Good power....Not sure if they still produce kits to order... for to call.

Used the Rotrex C30 Unit blower. Unique design Planetary roller drive system, VERY quiet operation, Very compact package. It is apparently no longer being produced but was probably the most reliable kit so far for the IS they might do kits to order... not to call.

<P>Luxury Motor Works
Two kits: Originally used Powerdyne blowers - ProStreet & SuperStreet.<BR>
ProStreet= lower boost BD 600 blower<BR>
SuperStreet=Higher boost BD11A blower + extras.<BR>
Currently migrating to ATI C2 Blower units on future projects and kits.. Also developing new alternatives and testing new blower options, the only shop right now still actively selling the SC kits and developing options. Call for more details on current availability.

Two kits available initially.. Low boost Powerdyne BBD11A & Hi boost Vortech V2SQ ... a handful of kits out in use now. Not much action or activity from Prolex in over 2 years now... no info on current availability or production. Best to call.

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^^I would like to know as well. I tried searching the Go Faster forums, but not many people seem to be using superchargers anymore or maybe just no one produces them.
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