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can someone list em all out for a newbie? i'm not sure what all those designations mean....
thanks all

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Yeah, that list shows the actual names, not the abbreviastions like the guy asked. Heres a partial cause I'm that bored. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong:

Black Onyx = BO
Graphite Gray Pearl = GGP
Spectra Mica Blue = SBM
Intensa Blue Pearl = IBP
Millenium Silver Metallic = MSM
Crystal White = CW
Diamond White Pearl = DWP
Aubrun Sky Pearl = ASP
Solar Yellow = SY
Electric Green Mica = EGM
Imperial Jade Mica = IJM
Absolutely Red = AR
Cibbola Gold = CB = PUKE!!! :lol:
Thunder Cloud Metallic = TCM or just TM

There will be some new colors coming in the 04' model years. new blue, no more yellow, etc...

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