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Youtube has plenty of videos on wet sanding your car paint and headlights to remove scratches and restore them. I was skeptic at first and was planning on spending $$$$$ to have body shop fix my paint scratches and headlights but I'm so glad I took the route to fix them all myself with very little out of my pocket.

The real deal was the 5000 grit wet sanding and Meguiar's M105 rubbing compound. I learned that the use of 5000 grit wet sanding is >>> MANDATORY <<< Without using 5000 grit the paint finish looked like crap. I could see all swirl sanding marks no matter how many times I tried to cover up with rubbing compound and wax. For headlights you don't need 5000 grit but for car paint it is required.

My '07 IS350 had some deep scratches and my front and rear bumpers were worst shape, they virtually lost clear coat and were covered with scratches down to the paint. The door side had some deep scratches as well.

To my surprise wet sanding with 2500 grit and 5000 grit did the trick. I didn't have 3000 grit so I used 2500 instead. Wet soapy sanding with 5000 grit on the paint enabled my Meguiar's M105 compound to do its magic. I did not have rotary buffing machine, all was done by hand.

Here are the videos of my progress. I am very pleased with the result.

My headlights had yellow tint and filled with scratches and fine cracks they looked awful. But they have been restored to near factory condition with wet sanding (up to 2000 grit) + M105 compound + Swirl Remover 2.0 + wax
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