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Hello, Welcome to The Garage! This is the place where you can talk about the automotive industry! We enjoy sitting back and having a good time. Don't be shy, let your voice be heard! Being new somewhere isn't easy, so I am here to help! Let me start out by laying out some simple ground rules and then I will introduce you to this sections moderating team!

Lets start out with the rules.

The Rules:

1. No attacking other members

2. No racial slurs. This will NOT be tolerated. You make a racial statement, It's a ban. This goes for ethnic comments as well.

3. Keep discussions on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. If you have a side note to add, please add it at the end of your post.

4. Cursing or colorful language is allowed here and there but only to emphasize an on topic point,multiple curse words(ie You F*****G F**K F****ER, or YOU A*****E!) Will get you an infraction.

5.Respect your fellow automotive enthusiast. When he/she asks a question and you think you can help, please feel free to do so.

6. If you have any issues with a member, talk to them privatly by using the PM feature. If your problem is not resolved, feel free to contact a moderator. Attacks and or off topic discussion will be result in a warning or posts being deleated. The thread may end up being locked if a moderator feels it is necessary. Please, don't ruin it for others. If you feel there is a post that needs to be looked at, please use the 'Report' button.

7. Respect Moderators. If you have an issue with a moderators decision about something, you take it to PM. Publicly announcing or questioning a moderators decision will result in a infracton or a ban.

8.No Spamming. If you spam, you're banned. It's that simple.

9.No Trolling. Trolling will get you an infraction or a ban. No if's and's or but's about it.

10. Keep all topics related to a topic in one thread. This will make it easier for people to keep track of what is going on. If they missed something, they can just go back and read it. Make sure to use the 'search' feature.

11. This is NOT the PL! These rules WILL be enforced. Live, breathe, and eat these rules and you should be fine.

12. Do NOT postwhore to get your post count up. That is not tolerated and will lead to an infraction and or ban.

13. Please SEARCH before posting.

Have fun and enjoy yourself! We are all automotive enthusiasts and we all love to hear what the other has to say! Let yourself be heard!

The Moderating Team for The Garage(F104):

Jruhi4: Note: Admin
-=Hot|Ice=- German Engineering FanBoi.
DrunkenMonkey(A.K.A. DM) Note: Aston Martin Fanatic.

This thread will be updated as needed. These rules are subject to change without notification.

I hope I've helped you get settled in! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! What are you waiting for? Get registered and get posting!

~ The Moderating Team.

(Revised 1/5/11)
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