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Hey Guys, I need some advice on what I should do. Tell me what you think.

Here's the scenario:

I bought an 2002 IS300 5speed M/T with 106K miles on it. The motor feels strong especially after I changed the oil but it has other issues i'm about to list. The car came with a 3rd party 90 day warranty. I was reading the information packet on the 3rd party warranty and it covers almost everything that a normal warranty covers.

1. When car is in neutral, it makes a weird noise (sounds like belt needs to be replaced) but when I looked under the hood its not the belts. I found out, when I press down on the clutch while its idling the noise stops. So i'm thinking this is the throw out bearing.

2. Difficulties putting the car in 2nd gear. From a cold start, it is really difficult to get it to go in 2nd gear so what i have to do is go from 1st gear to neutral, then to 3rd and try to put it in 2nd (This usually works but annoying). I notice this happens more often when it is cold outside vs when its warm. I'm thinking I have to replace the 2nd gear synchro.

3. Fuel gauge acts weird. Example: The gas tank can be completely filled up to full and sometimes when i start the car it shows it to be at E and the gas light comes on. It may be because I parked my car on my drive way which is on a incline and may cause that problem.

4. Alignment issue. *hard to explain* I took my car to firestone to get the alignment done and they noticed a problem in the rear. The area where adjustment needed to be made I guess either the camber/control arm. The previous mechanic who worked on it over tighten it and bent the metal tab where the camber/control arms connects too. So the firestone guy said this needs to be fixed. I took some pics and I will post them up asap.

So here's what I'm thinking:
I have already set up an appointment at the Lexus Dealership for them to look at my car. I called my 3rd party warranty company and they told me they will cover the synchros as long as its done at a profession shop. The Warranty company told me they would only cover $50/hr labor + parts. The problem is, Lexus told me their labor cost per hour is $105 or $115. Bah.. talk about gayness. But if they do replace the synchros for me, I was thinking about replacing the clutch since they are working on the synchros anyways. That will kill 2 birds with one stone. But that's all i have figured out so far.

What do you guys think I should do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have a ton of money, otherwise I would have bought the car with less miles and less problems.

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What the name of your 3rd party company?? Why are they only covering $50.00 in labor?....which means you have to pay the difference in labor. Most 3rd party extended warranty that I deal with covers the full labor plus parts and cust pays his or her deductable. So something is not right or your 3rd party extended warraty, sorry to say-sucks.
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