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So this is all just very wishful thinking here. I have a set of Gram Lights 57Pro that i've been running for the last few years. I want to go with something a lil more aggressive.
As of now, the wheels specs are:
Front: 18X8 +40 225/40/18
Rear: 18X8 +40 225/40/18 with 10mm technically +30 offset.

Now i was thinking about getting the same wheels but a wider pair for the rear.

Looking at the Gram Lights website, i was looking at the sizing chart and what they have.

Now would a:
18X9 +38 with a 255-35-18 fit?? My fenders are shaved half way and if i need to shave more i can, or roll them.
Now this is the offset that they offered in their "Standard offset" chart...they do have another chart called "custom offset" where it goes from +52 to +12.
***Does anyone know if choosing a standard offset will be cheaper than going with the "custom offset" chart??.... this is what's bugging me... :(

OR, should i go:
18X9.5.... now the website doesn't indicate any "standard offset" for this size, but it's available in the "custom offset" chart.

If anyone has any guru imput on what sizes to go with and the ideal offsets for each size, any help would be greatly appreciated!

and just for a visual reference:

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