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Hello Lexus nuts! Looking forward to joining the ranks.

I'm looking to buy a first gen IS300. I'm a Toyota guy to the max, and the appeal to me is the 2JZ power plant with a cheaper, lighter chassis than the (still too expensive for me) MK4 Supra.

I'm wanting a daily driver with some punch. Turbo and LSD for sure, my plan is to build an extra engine while driving the car as is. My budget will determine horsepower numbers.

So. . . what do I look for? Most I find are automatic, but I want a manual for my swap. Am I better off buying a cheap and available auto and swapping the 6 speed Getrag when I swap in the engine or shopping around until I find a 5 speed car?

And is it worth searching VINs for a factory LSD car, or just plan on tearing down whatever I get and doing gears. I've seen the thread about swapping in a MK3 supra diff to get a cheap clutch LSD, and that may be the plan there.

I'm plenty capable of doing most if not all of the work myself, so don't hold back on the technical stuff. I'm looking forward to reading and learning more about my next major purchase.

I've read several threads, but have not sifted through yet. So direct me if I'm repeating questions that have been answered.

Thanks! Joe

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Any work you dont have to do is a plus.......

Always check Lexus site for past mantiance done to car , car fax...
Record of maintance is key with our cars.....
Alot of your questions are answered by $$$$ you want to spend ...
Trust me all your questions have been answered b4 and are in the threads somewhere ...There is a wealth of info on this website...
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