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Wait time for orders

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If a particular color I want is not in stock at the dealer, about how long will it take for the vehicle to arrive if I order it?
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I *think* that maybe it works like this:

Once a month they get to put in dealer "preference" requests for "standard build" cars but with specific colors/options requested.

Once a month the computer replies with the delivery dates for the best matches.

If you are lucky, and you request a car just before they get to put in the preference requests, then they _could_ get the car allocated within a week. 5-7 weeks is probably worst case - they just missed doing the preferencing for this month, and then the car you wan't isn't available in the first shipment to that dealer next month.

I could be wrong about this though...
Or your dealer could call around right away and trade an incoming car with another dealer.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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