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Complete VVTi system:

Loaded VVTi head (cams, valves, actuator, control valve, piping)
valve covers
plastic trim covers (vvti covers on top front, top rear, front timing)
complete engine harness, uncut
stock ECU from supra at
pseudo drive by wire intake manifold (stock unit)
electrical wiring diagrams from the FSM for reference

This head needs to be rebuilt. Standard rebuild, nothing special. New stem seals, deck the head, freshen guides and valves. I'm including a spare set of vavles with it. I can have my machine shop deck and re-assembled for the buyer or you can have your own machine shop do that for you. I will price it if you are interested. To install, it's just a head swap. Then swap the harness (it will plug into everything you already have) and swap the throttle body. That's it. The actuator bolts to a stock port on your existing 2JZ block with a banjo bolt (included). There is nothing else to buy or that is needed, this includes everything. The only mod that will be necessary is pigtailing the 02 sensor since this ecu looks at three instead of two - so you can add an 02 sensor or just have the one you have now feed two signals.

This is good if you need a spare harness, ecu and head or if you have a non-vvti 2jz.

email me - I don't check PM's often.

$650 as is with everything listed
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