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VVT-i VS. VTEC ?...

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which engine is better VVT-i VS. VTEC?
also whats the difference between V6 and I6? IS300 I6 better?

thank you!
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I6 is smoother than a V6 and i think vvtl-i and vtec are the same thing except vtec doesnt' have intelligence, but it will next year or something
and the celica's system sucks because you have to shift at redline in every gear to keep the system engaged.
wiht a honda if you don't go all the way to redline it is possible to stay in the next gear with VTEC engaged, such is not possible with the celica, you MUST shift at the highest possible rpms to insure engagement in the next gear. i've driven both cars and know this from personal experience.
oh yeah, the type r engine is hand assembled too i believe

on teh system sucks thing, i didn't mean it sucks, its' a pain to stay in the powerband compared toa honda
THANK YOU GEOFF. well spoken. and fyi, there's a difference between selling cars and knowing performance facts. why don't you read the article on edmunds of the guy who went to sell cars for ten weeks. it clearly shows that people in the car business don't give a crap about performance or the truth, but what makes the bottom line. if you ask me, it's a good thing he's not gonna make it in the car business(if that's what you raelly think.)
hp doesn't say it all
comparing dyno graphs would be better, but i'm not that bored
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