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VVT-i VS. VTEC ?...

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which engine is better VVT-i VS. VTEC?
also whats the difference between V6 and I6? IS300 I6 better?

thank you!
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"Honda was the first to offer what it called VTEC in its Acura-badged performance models like the Integra GS-R and NSX (it has since worked its way into the Prelude and even the lowly Civic). VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. It basically uses two sets of camshaft profiles-one for low and mid-range rpm and one for high rpm operation. An electronic switch shifts between the two profiles at a specific rpm to increase peak horsepower and improve torque. As a VTEC driver, you can both hear and feel the change when the VTEC "kicks in" at higher rpm levels to improve performance. While this system does not offer continuously variable valve timing, it can make the most of high rpm operation while still providing solid driveability at lower rpm levels. Honda is already working on a three-step VTEC system that will further improve performance and efficiency across the engine rpm range.

Toyota saw the success Honda was having with VTEC (from both a functional and marketing standpoint) but decided to go a different route. Instead of the on/off system that VTEC employs, Toyota decided it wanted a continuously variable system that would maximize valve timing throughout the rpm range. Dubbed VVTi for Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (Is this a dig at Honda, suggesting their system isn't intelligent?), Toyota uses a hydraulic rather than mechanical system to alter the intake cam's phasing. The main difference from VTEC is that VVTi maintains the same cam profile and alters only when the valves open and close in relation to engine speed. Also, this system works only on the intake valve while VTEC has two settings for the intake and the exhaust valves, which makes for a more dramatic gain in peak power than VVTi can claim."

basically Toyota's VVTI (not VVTL-I as stated earlier, my bad) is better than Honda's Vtec because you don't have to wait for it to kick in (as in the case of the Vtec)...but install a Vtec controller and thats another story.

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i stand corrected.

i knew i missed something, i was trying to recall what i had read back when i was shopping cars and the GT-S was one of em... thanks for correctin me brah, good watchin out.
damn, again i have been slapped in the face, ouch, i must have gotten ahold of some bad info then, i remember reading vvti was better than vtec in three different magazines and a few webpages, guess some journalists dont know what they're talking bout....sorry for the misinformation, apparently what i've read and learned were not from a dependable sources as i had learning algebra from the janitor or believing election results from MSNBC or bobby bouchet listenin to his mamma or trollin lessons from grishuila
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