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Well, I'm the one that has the CLK320 and I posted a couple of days ago "looking to race a stock IS300" because I had a feeling that the CLK was not that quick...

Well, I was right. I ran it against cb8586 and his stock '02 E-shift took my new $50k Mercedes Coupe three times in a row...

1. From a dig to 80 by 2 car lenghts
2. From a 20 mph roll to 80 by 1 car
3. From a dig to 100 by 1 car

That's it... no way I'm buying another V6 mercedes... In fact, I might just take a hit and trade this one for a CLK500.

Damn, I wish there was a Toyomoto out there for Mercedes, but the only one that comes close is RENNtech and BRABUS, and they charge more for the upgrades than the price of the car!!

Oh well, I guess my 500hp turbo IS will have to do.
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