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I don't know when this showed up, but I just noticed it today.

My favorite is the 360 degree interior showroom. You can zoom really far with it. The instructions say to use + and -, but they don't work for me. Shift and Ctrl work instead. For example, you can see things like:

1. the word "Mirror" on the driver's door panel.

2. instructions on how to load CDs into the in-dash changer right on top of the slit for the discs.

etc. Basically, most details about the interior are visible with it. Doesn't look like there's a compartment for a pair of sunglasses in the roof. Hmm...

Another cool thing is the cargo demo, for those that are concerned that the trunk space might be too small.

Speaking of interiors, anyone have the experience of sitting in a TL ? I love the interior in those. Everything you need is there and in the perfect location.

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