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Yes, I'm selling my kit . . . . :-?

It seems like the buyer for my car flaked out on me, so I'm keeping the IS. I will however, sell the kit on my car in order to fund other projects. Most of you know the kit, so I won't post any pics.

The components of the kit are:

  • Full front bumper
    Full rear bumper
    Wide side skirts
    Door panels
    Wald fender flairs
    HippoSleek rear spoiler
    Optional splitters
This kit was molded directly on my car and is the only one in existence in the world (to my knowledge). The main kit is made of reinforced hand-laid fiberglass and is strong as HE :shame: . The other components are also made of fiberglass. It will bolt directly up to the IS without any modifications, with the exception of the flairs. The kit is SBM, but I would suggest a re-paint due to some stone chips. It does need a little fiberglass repair work, but nothing extensive whatsoever. (I can provide more details to serious buyers)

The kit is not a true wide-body, but was modeled after the VIP cars in Japan. This is a true "one of a kind" kit and is top quality workmanship. I will be posting this on Ebay if I do not get the reserve I'm looking for. As you may suspect, only serious buyers... please.

If you are a serious buyer :eek: and want to make an offer, please contact me by email or phone (see my sig) so we don't clutter the board with replies to this post. If you need to see the kit, click IS-Series

I will also be selling my Volks so you can contact me on those too.

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so wut's next mark? :wink: *anything close to my prediction from that last thread? in general discussion?...hehe :crazy:
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